There's quite a lot in the world to comment on right now, obviously; but this is neither the time or the place to express it. Suffice it to state - as I did last year regarding how things will roll here - There's still No Change People!

Your Safety is paramount and adaptability to all preferences is assured.

I've had the privilege of working with the most humble and free-spirited people over the years, from all industries and I know many of you (you know who you are) remain defiant amidst this continuing chaos. It's that strength of character which probably brought you here in the first place! Let's all Rise Above and Ride This Out!

As ever, any queries, just drop me a message...

Be Free. Be...


Covid 19

No Change People. Despite the chaos, as ever, any queries - just drop me a message!



Last year proved that I, like many others coaching from experience am 'Often a Tutor, always a Learner'. All aspiring Actors must remember that the business can sometimes be just a ludicrous lottery of luck, which you have no power over. You just have to prepare and give your all when you're in, to win. This year there'll be more opportunities for the making, taking and negotiating. Let's learn from each other.

Very excited this year to continue working with those striving to improve their own online content and presentation skills.

As ever, just drop me a message!


All thanks and praise to John Sudol; sometimes you have to give credit to your inspiration and in this case, it's going to perhaps one of the best in the business. Frankly, if he operated in the U.K, I couldn't carry on doing this.

Apologies to those enquiring about Child Tuition over the Summer period and the new school year, this is and will continue to remain a service for Adults only.


2018 has gone by in a flash and I've just been too damn busy to update. However, those most relevant have had Emails from me instead (Sorry to the nosey tourists needlessly visiting this site who obviously didn't!)

So, January to April has been like this -

Partial credit taken for providing C.S.S.D with some extra M.A Applicants in January. L.A.M.D.A loyalty has diminished somewhat thanks to their inability to keep their Teacher Records up to date (!)

First gloat in this update - I once complained that Black Representation in Film needed to be more than just about Patronising Tokenism, Slavery, Music and Crime. Black Audiences must be tired of this. I once said publicly that something needs to come along and show us true to our Dynamic nature, in all its fantastic complexity; then the audiences will come. EVERYBODY. Of all colours. And With 'Black Panther', they did. Congratulations to the British contingent in this production. Truly inspiring.

Congratulations also to Seven Scope Films for their Barcelona Film Festival win for 'The 12' in March.

And Big Congratulations to my son for his fantastic performance at STAGES this month. Me, Lisa and his little sister are very proud!

Finally. FACEBOOK - the second gloat in this update. As the saying goes, "Somehow, I told you so... Just doesn't quite say it". I've predicted this for so long, I now just can't be bothered answering questions about why I don't do much Social Media. The revelations about Facebook this year are one of the many reasons why I steer clear of most of that nonsense.

Those of you who are still stupid enough to dabble in it, if you're not off of them by now, after this scandal and all that which preceded it with Yahoo, etc. then I've no hope for you. Those smart people who have since switched off and indeed, those like me, who were even smarter and never actually switched on.... Respect! Now pick up your scripts, switch on those cameras and get inspired!"

December 2017

It's not been a bad year. Despite the new site, nothing has changed. I don't do (much) Social Media, I don't do advertising, I don't do fixed pricing and will never succomb to common forms of coaching/tuition. Abomeli Tutoring will continue to be unconventional, highly selective, but completely committed to and focused on the development of its loyal students. See you in 2018, have a Happy New Year.

November 2017

Have to mention the synchronised dance sensation that was the Abomeli Family at my daughter's Christening this month. My wife and I are convinced that they are the new Destiny's Child! So the The Acting Coaching will now be combined with being a Tour Manager, cuz we're taking them on the road. Coming soon in 2018..! 😉


Three Words. Cardiff, Thank You. I knew you'd come through and you didn't disappoint. See you all next year!

August 2017

Black Marketeers Update. You know it's the silly season when you start receiving silly offers. Yes, I'm still clinging on to this ancient Script, but it's still getting interest, so why the hell not?! However, as grateful as I was for the offer, the deal would've involved too many changes and I couldn't do that to my baby.

July 2017

Well done to those who had Face Time with John Sudol. With Abomeli Coaching groundwork and his tweaks, your self awareness and consistency will develop, then greater success is bound to follow. Apologies for the techo meltdown this month, but the grovelling and compensation received from AOL was almost worth it! October Cardiff Workshop Dates coming soon!

June 2017

Thanks for your patience during the crazy month that was May, (You know who you are) Seven Scope Films now in post production for the film 'The 12'.

May 2017

Currently working on two films with some exciting and quite talented folk. Details to follow.