October 2017

Three Words. Cardiff, Thank You. I knew you'd come through and you didn't disappoint. See you all next year!

September 2017

It was a long time coming, but 'Hilda' is now underway. On a cold Tuesday morning, I spent a day working with tomorrow's bright young things and got the shivers and a soaked arse. Great fun though. Thanks for the 'Viking' guys...

August 2017

Black Marketeers Update. You know it's the silly season when you start receiving silly offers. Yes, I'm still clinging on to this ancient Script, but it's still getting interest, so why the hell not?! However, as grateful as I was for the offer, the deal would've involved too many changes and I couldn't do that to my baby.

July 2017

Well done to those who had Face Time with John Sudol. With Abomeli Coaching groundwork and his tweaks, your self awareness and consistency will develop, then greater success is bound to follow. Apologies for the techo meltdown this month, but the grovelling and compensation received from AOL was almost worth it! October Cardiff Workshop Dates coming soon!

June 2017

Thanks for your patience during the crazy month that was May, (You know who you are) Seven Scope Films now in post production for the film 'The 12'.

May 2017

Currently working on two films with some exciting and quite talented folk. Details to follow.