Charles Abomeli graduated from Kent University with a Degree in Politics and later trained as an Actor in London, gaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Performing Arts.

Further training at LAMDA and gaining L.L.A.M teaching credentials, Abomeli Tutoring evolved as an invalauable supplement to Drama School training.

Acting credits include Theatre appearences at the Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre, The West Yorkshire Playhouse, The Wycombe Swan and The English National Opera.

Screen credits include the films 'Anxiety' and 'The 12'; 'The Michael Jackson Story: Man In The Mirror', 'Wire In The Blood' and 'The Bill' for ITV; 'Torchwood: Children Of Earth'; 'Macbeth (Shakespeare Retold)', 'Gimme 6' and 'The First Black Britons', all for the BBC.

Other credits include Radio productions such as Grace Abounding, Grace Unshackled, Grace Victorious and Preserved of God. Voice Over and Corporate appearances include work for Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, H.M. Customs and Excise and Ciel Communications.